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The Superintendent is employed by the District Education Council to manage the day-to-day decisions and administration of the school district. The Superintendent is the only employee of the DEC and is accountable to the DEC for the performance of the district. The DEC annually completes a formal performance review of the Superintendent.  Over the year, DEC members keep up-to-date by monitoring policies and district performance.

Superintendents are generally hired by the DEC on a five-year contract. Although they are an employee of the DEC, appointing a Superintendent requires the approval of the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The responsibility and authority of the Superintendant is provided in s. 48 of the Education Act. The Superintendent assumes responsibility for all other employees and is the educational and operational leader of the district. The DEC members, acting together, have authority over the Superintendent. The Superintendent is accountable for the overall performance of the district including:

  • the effective and efficient management of all programs and resources;
  • the quality of student learning;
  • the primary responsibility for preparation and implementation of the District Education Plan and the District Expenditure Plan;
  • providing leadership in the school district;
  • coordinating and administering the educational programs and services prescribed by the Minister;
  • ensuring that school district and provincial policies are followed;
  • preparation and distribution of a district performance report;
  • ensuring the allocation, management and development of all human resources in the district, including performance evaluation of school personnel;
  • consulting with Parent School Support Committees;
  • attending and participating in official District Education Council meetings;
  • ensuring that effective communication mechanisms are in place;
  • attending Minister’s provincial forums.

The DEC annually evaluates the performance of the Superintendent. The performance of the Superintendent is measured by the performance of the district in meeting its goals and objectives.