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The elected chairs of the Anglophone District Education Councils work collectively as the Council of DEC Chairs to advocate for the public education system. The Council operates using a policy governance model and a Chair and Vice-Chair of this Council of Chairs are elected annually.

The Council of DEC Chairs believes:

  • all children can learn;
  • volunteering is important;
  • leadership creates vision;
  • diversity is of great value;
  • investing in professional development is essential;
  • the quality of life depends on the quality of education; and
  • education is a public trust reflecting community values.

The Council meets regularly in conjunction with the Minister’s Forums, and as needed, to share best practices and to discuss issues of common concern. They collaborate with each other and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to move forward on the priorities they establish each year. They strive to identify priorities with outcomes that can be demonstrated, observed and/or measured.

Since forming in 2004, the Council of DEC Chairs has worked together to develop a strong voice in enhancing public education in New Brunswick. The Council of DEC Chairs is accountable to the members of their respective District Education Councils, their students and families, and the citizens of New Brunswick. Among their contributions and accomplishments are:

  • Standardization of the DEC Codes of Conduct
  • Government Renewal Process
  • Inclusive Education Review
  • Provision of orientation and training opportunities for DEC and PSSC members
  • Development and implementation of Provincial/District/School Improvement planning processes
  • Increased financial accountability
  • Development of provincial policy
  • Representing the interests of DEC and their District in provincial budget discussions