How are PSSC members elected?

Nominations and Candidacy

  • No school resources, either human or material, may be used to support particular candidates or groups of candidates.
  • Any person wishing to submit his/her name for election is invited to do so at any time until the close of nominations.
  • During the election, submitted nominations are presented. Further nominations by parents are requested from the floor and seconded. Parents and guardians may self-nominate; or may nominate any other eligible person. The nomination must be seconded by an eligible parent other than the nominating parent.


  • All parents and guardians of students enrolled at the school, including parents or guardians who are employees in the school system, are eligible to vote.
  • Voters must be present at the school and vote in person.
  • Election for parent members of the PSSC is conducted by secret ballot.
  • A teacher representative is elected by teachers in the school by the 30th day of September for a one-year term.
  • In high schools, a student representative is elected by students in the school by the 30th day of September for a one-year term.

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