Who is eligible to be a member of the PSSC?

There are two categories of persons who are eligible to run for parent positions on a PSSC:

Parents - Any parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the school, regardless of his/her age or residency status, is eligible to run for a PSSC parent position.

Parent representatives - Any New Brunswick resident who is 18 years of age or older and is not a pupil is eligible to run for a PSSC parent position. That is, a person who is not a parent of a pupil enrolled in the school may offer candidacy for and ultimately serve as a parent member of a PSSC as long as they are duly nominated and elected by parents of pupils enrolled in the school in accordance with the nomination and election requirements as set out in the regulations.

No school district employee working at the particular school for which the PSSC has been established may be elected or appointed to a PSSC parent position.

Any parent member may be re-elected for any consecutive terms.

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