How can I get involved in my school’s PSSC?

Parent School Support Committees are elections are held each year in the fall.  School principals are responsible for ensuring that elections are conducted according to the following election process and procedures, and for handling the administrative functions related to the PSSC election (e.g. selecting the date of the PSSC election, notifying parents with PSSC election information such as the date of the election, the nomination process, and the number of parent member positions open for election).

The PSSC facilitates the election and encourages parent interest and involvement in the election of PSSC parent members. All PSSC elections are to be held by the 30th day of September.

You should contact your school's Principal if you are interested in becoming involved or would like more information on PSSC elections and the work of PSSC in your school. The principal of the school provides eligible parents: notice of the date and time of the election; and, brief information respecting the nomination process and eligibility for membership on and the responsibilities of the PSSC. This information is provided within a reasonable time prior to the date of the election.

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