How can I get involved with my District Education Council (DEC)?

In every school across New Brunswick, the future – our future – is taking shape through our children.

District Education Council (DEC) members are on the front lines and are the first point of contact in our publicly funded education system.  They bring local knowledge of the education issues in their communities and the interests of their constituents into broader education system discussions. 

Public education is successful when schools, parents, and the community all work together. Serving as a DEC member is one of the most important responsibilities a citizen can undertake. If elected to serve, you and your fellow DEC members will establish educational goals that will help shape the future of your community and the province.

Being a DEC member is a complex and varied job, sometimes frustrating but also very rewarding. Your work will help students achieve, succeed and lead happy, productive lives as a result of your input into the environment and culture of learning.

DEC elections are held every four years in conjunction with the municipal elections. In addition to the elected representatives, the Minister will appoint First Nations representatives.  Each Council also has a student representative appointed by the Minister.

For more information about election dates and the nomination process, contact the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer by calling 1-800-308-2922 or visit their website at

New Brunswick District Education Councils (DEC)

are committed to guiding and moving forward the education of all students.

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