Who are DEC Members?

DEC members are community leaders. They work with their DEC colleagues, the Department, District office and community partners to ensure that all students in their district have equal opportunities to reach their full potential.

DEC members strive for continued excellence in education by:

  • Promoting high standards of individual achievement;
  • Cultivating a love of learning;
  • Recognizing the value of diversity among learners and communities; and
  • Exploring creative educational alternatives.


DEC members share the following qualities:

  • Prepared to put students first – Successful DEC members put the needs of students first.  They run for office because they are committed to making things better for students in New Brunswick. 
  • An effective communicator – One of the main roles of a DEC member is to ensure the wishes of the community are reflected in the management and operation of the community’s schools.  DEC members must be willing to ask the community what it needs and wants from its schools.  They must also strive to inform the community about DEC plans and decisions.
  • A team player – A DEC member acting individually does not have the authority to make decisions.  Only the whole DEC has the power to make decisions.  While an interest in a particular school or issue may prompt you to seek office, as a DEC member, you are responsible for all schools in your district. 
  • Not necessarily an “education expert” – You don’t have to be an education expert to serve on a DEC.  The ideal DEC includes people from all walks of life.  A DEC member does not serve as a professional educator or as the spokesperson for a particular interest group or region.  An effective DEC member considers the wishes of all parents, students and community members.

DEC members take on great responsibilities and challenges working on behalf of New Brunswick’s children, their families and their communities.  They speak with pride about the programs and activities they have developed to guide and shape the next generation.  DECs have demonstrated time and time again that they are making a difference for kids in our province.

New Brunswick District Education Councils (DEC)

are committed to guiding and moving forward the education of all students.

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