Do DEC members receive payment to be on the DEC?

DEC members are elected as volunteers to serve the interests of the children and youth in their community. There are many opportunities to get involved and the time commitment is significant. Attending meetings can often mean expenses for things like childcare. Currently, DEC members may claim a $50 expense for each meeting they attend. The total number of meetings that a DEC member may claim is limited to 20 meetings a year. The limit is extended to a total of 30 meetings for the Council Chairs website.  A recent announcement by the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development has indicated a change in the remuneration of DEC members.  Newly elected DEC members will receive $3000 a year and the elected Chair of each Council will receive $6000 a year. 

Members who travel out-of-town for meetings may also claim the cost of traveling to the meeting including meals and hotel accommodations in accordance with the provincial travel policies.

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