What types of meetings and consultations do DEC members attend?

District Education Councillors have the opportunity to become involved in the education system and are encouraged, to become members of provincial committees and consultations, to take part in professional development, and to represent the DEC at PSSC meetings and events within the community.

DEC members attend regularly scheduled public meetings and working sessions and take part in DEC sub-committees and special meetings for issues such as staffing issues, budgets, audits, student appeals, and training sessions. Members spend time addressing questions and concerns from parents and guardians in their sub-district and as part of parent forums for issues such as school closures or policy changes. Members are often invited to attend or take part in graduation ceremonies, awards ceremonies and other public events.

At the provincial level, DEC members are invited to provide feedback on policy development, to participate in committees such as the Provincial Curriculum Advisory Committee and the Minister's Committee on Testing and Evaluation.

The DEC Chair position requires a greater time commitment. In addition to the meetings at the local level, the Chairs also meet regularly with the Superintendent, the DEC manager and the Council of DEC Chairs. The Chairs are often called upon by the Minister to represent the interests of the Districts in the provincial forums and in additional meetings as needed.

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