What is the time commitment involved in being a DEC member?

Accepting a position on the DEC is a significant commitment. You are accepting responsibility for making decisions which will directly shape the education of our students and the operations of the school district. DECs generally hold public meetings one evening each month. DEC members may be expected to attend working sessions or committee meetings to prepare for the public meetings. DEC members have the opportunity to provide input on many aspects of the education system and some members, such as the Chair of the DEC, may be expected to attend numerous meeting and consultations.

DEC members are encouraged to attend PSSC meetings in their sub-district to promote communication and understanding of the DEC priorities and to keep up-to-date on issues at the school level. DEC members who attend are primarily observers. They are not able to vote but may respond to questions or provide clarification when asked to do so. Their role is not to act as a carrier or conduit for issues the PSSC may wish to refer to the District Office. These types of issues are to be dealt with through the Principal.

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